Career Services For JHU Governmental Studies Students 

By Lucy Shapiro, M.Ed.


Confidential, Individual Career Counseling Services

Confidential support with application materials, job search strategies, interviewing, resume/letter preparation, networking, career exploration, or self assessment is available for Government & Global Security graduate students.  For confidential, individual career counseling/coaching appointments to further discuss any personalized career development topics, contact Lucy Shapiro, M.Ed., Government/Global Security programs Career Services Specialist.  To schedule an appointment, email


Job Search, Career Exploration, Networking, Resume Writing Information Online


Utilize the job, fellowship, internship listings; links to Government job websites, the following Career Development Information Sheets written for Government/Global Security graduate students; and Employer/Agency/Company Information, posted on the Government Blog.


View Online Career Information & Job Listings on the Government Blog:


Online Career Information For Government/Global Securities Graduate Students:

1.  Networking for Career Development

2.  Exploring Interesting Careers

3.  Utilize Johns Hopkins University Career Resources

4.  Job Search Strategies

5.  Write Marketable Application Materials

6.  Internship, Fellowship, Scholarship Opportunities

7.  Career Services for JHU Government/Global Security Studies/Public & Nonprofit Management Graduate Students/Alumni.


Career Programs


Various speaker and networking programs are offered throughout the year.