Screening of Hamilton's America Last Night at the JHU Center

Alex Horwitz came to the JHU Center for Advanced Governmental Studies last night to share a screening of his documentary, Hamilton's America.  The film was a collaborative project Alex did with Lin Manual Miranda, the creator and writer of the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton.  Lin and Alex were college friends and fellow history buffs.  They wanted to do the film to provide a history of the life of Alexander Hamilton, well before the play Hamilton had been conceived.  The film intersperses footage from the Broadway hit with discussion of Hamilton's own rise as a prominent figure in the United States.


After viewing the film, Alex fielded questions about the making of the documentary as well as larger questions about how to teach civics to American school children and how the political contours of the United States have been indelibly shaped by the Hamilton and Jefferson divide.  It was both an historical and timely discussion.



JHU Faculty Lee Drutman Addresses Problem of Polarization at an Institutional level

See Professor Lee Drutman's article here from the New America Foundation.


JHU Center for Advanced Governmental Studies Chair, Dr. Benjamin Ginsberg, Featured on C-SPAN

See Dr. Ginsberg interviewed on C-SPAN discussing the book he co-authored with Dr. Jennifer Bachner, What Washington Gets Wrong:  The Unelected Officials Who Actually Run the Government and What They Think About the American People.


Gov Analytics Student Selected as PMF Finalist

Congratulations to Jesse Sloman, a current MS in Government Analytics student, for his selection as a Presidential Management Fellowship finalist!  This year there were 6,370 applicants and 417 finalists.  Of the finalists, 35 were from Johns Hopkins University with 3 from AAP.  The program is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to become leaders in government.  We here at the Government Analytics program are thrilled and proud!


Alumni Share Career Insights at JHU Networking Night

Members of the JHU Center for Advanced Governmental Studies Alumni Advisory Board generously shared career advice to current students and alumni at a lively networking event last night at the Center.  Each member of the Board shared their own experiences as students at JHU and how those experiences shaped and influenced their career trajectory.  Many mentioned the lasting impact that interaction with other students and faculty as well as their coursework and thesis writing have had on their career path.  Thank you to members of the Advisory Board for taking time out of your busy schedules to give back to the community.  Your achievements and continued dedication to the degree programs at JHU make us so proud and grateful.

From left: Martin Burns, Manager of Political Intelligence AARP, Paul Burden, VP XAAP Media, Jim Gauthier, Principal Lobbyist Livingston Group, and Sarah Lovenheim, Communications Director for the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus

James Sonne and Peter Danjcek discuss the upcoming presidential transition process and the possible impact on their agencies
Sarah Lovenheim, left, listens as Swann Nciweni discusses the work her organization is doing in Haiti on water sources, an issue she first tackled in her masters thesis.  From left: Matt Laslo, Martin Burns, Paul Burden
Amitai Zuckerman talks defense policy with KristenMatt Laslo, political journalist and Dustin Todd, Senior Director of Government Affairs at Semiconductor Industry Association catch up with each other


James Sonne, Sadaf Khan, and Dustin Todd