Symposium: Elaine Duke, Former DHS Under Secretary of Management
Monday, November 15, 2010 at 1:04PM
James Norton in Symposium

On November 10th, Governmental Studies welcomed speaker Elaine Duke, the Former Under Secretary of Management at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Under Secretary Duke spoke about the challenges of managing the most recent Presidential Transition and the challenges of the highest ranking Bush administration official to remain with the Obama administration for 15 months.  She also discussed the challenges of creating "One DHS" with 22 different organizational cultures, budgets, and historic agendas.    

Elaine Duke began her career with the Department of Defense as a career Federal government procurement official.  As the Under Secretary, she was responsible for the management of the Department's $47 billion budget, appropriations, expenditure of funds, accounting and finance.  She administered control over the Department's $17 billion in acquisition and procurement and was responsible for directing human capital resources and personnel programs for the Department's 208,000 employees. 

She discussed many challenges of being a senior official including having to balance the pressures of Congress, private industry and executive branch direction.  Students had many career questions on how to become a Fed.  If anyone would like more information on this event or the job opportunities discussed by Elaine please contact Professor James Norton,


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